This information is provided for information only and must not be considered as investment advice. You should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision.

Risk Levels

Our risk levels are portfolios created using a blend of the Risk Rated funds and are rated on a scale from 2 to 8, which provides a guide to the minimum time frame for investment. This does not provide any guarantee that each fund will achieve its objectives. Capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invested.

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Your investment can be split between the Risk Rated funds, which when combined match your risk profile.  The split and a detailed breakdown of the portfolio is shown below to illustrate how a portfolio is constructed and how it has performed in the past (past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance).

Each Margetts fund predominantly invests in other collective investment schemes to create a highly diversified investment strategy.  You can alter the risk profile at any time to meet your changing circumstances and remaining time horizon.

We recommend that with your financial adviser you regularly review the split of Margetts funds held to ensure that they remain in line with your financial objectives and risk profile.  The split between the Margetts funds is not automatically maintained, as often the costs of rebalancing are higher than any benefit and your financial circumstances may change.  Margetts do not charge for any switches you make between the same share class of fund.

The composite benchmark is made up of the comparator benchmarks for each of the Margetts funds in the same proportions as below. We believe this is a meaningful comparator to help investors assess the performance of the illustrated portfolio.